Philipp Neugebauer

  • Seilkraft Industriekletterer  Philipp Neugebauer Philipp Neugebauer

Philipp Neugebauer

Business leader: Seilkraft die Industriekletterer e.K.

Leading supervisor and industrial climber level 3 acourding to national standards - Fisat No:21413

  • Projektmanager for:
    • construction sites in heights
    • safe keeping in heights and height rescue concepts
  • Instructor for:
    • Height rescue
    • Rope access technique for offshore deployments
    • Informed according BGG906

Timo Cronert

Leading supervisor and industrial climber level 3 according to international standards - Irata No: 3/34993

  • Manager and contact for projects regarding advertising
  • Planning and coordination of workshops and training
  • Instructor for safe keeping in hights

Wolfram Liedke

Rope climbing technique arborist

  • Project manager and contact person for:
    • Tree maintenance
    • Tree precipitation
    • High-risk and difficult precipitation
    • Damages due to storm

Sarah Loben


  • Budgeting
  • Accountancy / bookkeeping

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